It is an information system supported with a BPM Business Process Management engine, designed to organize, centralize and streamline the documentation of all the administrative and legal processes inherent in the operation of mobility.

Ingenitan GITT is composed of eight transversal modules to all the internal operations of the regulatory entities, including a citizen attention module where the infractions committed in the public space are attended by drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists or pedestrians. These modules are:

Public transport



Coactive payment

Second instance

Document management


Administration and Security


Focused on the continuous improvement of processes.

It is a modular system.

Hosted in the cloud so it does not require physical infrastructure.


Management and generation of digital files and personalized reports.

Custom legal terms and alerts of expiration of the terms.

Optimization and traceability in each process.

Interoperability with different transit agencies such as: RUNT, SIM, SIMIT, among others.

Generation of administrative acts with word templates from the application.

Connected with various collection channels such as banks or online payments.

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