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A communication system that knows no borders.



Being allies of multinationals as important as Avaya, provides the opportunity to show regionally, the quality of the Colombian industry in software development; and knowing that this contributes to improve the experience of hundreds of users of different entities is what drives Ingenian to be better and to seek new ways of doing things.


Contribute to the strengthening of Avaya's operation in Colombia and boost its portfolio of IVR solutions to Latin America.


Web portal with Smart Scripting integration in addition to the development, support and maintenance of audio response system.


A current strategic alliance and more than 40 companies in Latin America with an IVR system created on the Avaya platform.


It was imperative for this multinational to adapt and innovate both in its processes and in its portfolio, as well as consolidate its business IVR system; Therefore, having allies to contribute to this mission based on their expertise in the development of new technologies is what has enabled Avaya to position itself as a leader in the telecommunications sector.

The creation of a web portal with Smart Scripting integration in 2010 was the opportunity to become more than a service provider, a partner specialized in infrastructure, server installation, customer training in the use of tools and systems development. IVR interactive voice response, compatible with your products.



°For the online attention of Allbank clients in the United States, Costa Rica, Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Mexico, an integrated audio response system was developed with a web services platform and aligned with MQ frames. transactional backing that provides a communications layer for visibility and control of the flow of messages and data inside or outside the company.

°The Association of Banks of Argentina integrates 32 banking entities for which Ingenian created the IVR system with MQ frames, interaction with database and Active Server Pages requests, better known as ASP. Currently we are working on a new module for the system.

°Audio response system with management network for Gas Natural Fenosa with operations in Colombia, Mexico and Panama; In each country, Ingenian is responsible for the support and maintenance of the solution under the figure of bodyshopping.

°IVR as a tool to optimize Avianca's customer service with operations in Medellín and El Salvador. The system is integrated with the Avaya telecommunications platform consisting of ASR servers that interpret a sound to store the data as text and TTS which interprets a variable in text in voice.

°In development for Nación Seguros SA Argentina, a Virtual Receptionist system that by knowing who the caller wants to talk to, will automatically connect to the company's active directory, automatically transferring the call to the corresponding party.



To date, there are more than 40 companies, both national and foreign, such as: Gas Natural Fenosa, Banco Colpatria, Banco de Bogotá, Direct TV, Avianca, Allbank and Nación Seguros SA, among others, which have an IVR development designed by Our team of professionals who provide continuous support to ensure compliance with the highest quality standards.


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