The contribution with a mission that has changed lives for 50 years.



Beyond engineers, developers or analysts, this project has been developed by people who under the consciousness of being a team, have placed more than their knowledge, commitment and passion to deliver a work that in addition to promoting the operation of the ICBF, will work for the welfare of children in vulnerable situations.




A software factory for creation, corrective and evolutionary maintenance of applications under in-house mode.

Creation and maintenance of two institutional portals and automation of the adoption module.

120 projects for software development for the optimization of their processes and communication with their users.


It was in 2015 when the Colombian Family Welfare Institute opened the tender where it required a software factory for corrective and evolutionary maintenance of applications and projects tailored to their needs, and most importantly, to contribute to compliance of his missionary goals.

With 11 years of experience, more than 300 successful projects and a record of zero fines for non-compliance that remains, we were selected to collaborate with the ICBF in its software development needs, so it deployed a team of more than 50 professionals among systems engineers, developers and requirements analysts, who work hand in hand with the ICBF IT team in-house.



Making use of the different tools provided by technology, allows an evolution in the way things are done, which in turn, potentiates the impact of them; this is what the ICBF was looking for through an adaptable, reliable and secure infrastructure that is evidenced by projects such as:

°Automation of the adoption module, which allows a more agile, organized and traceable management.

°Creation and optimization of the institutional portal.

°Creation of the ICBF information portal for children and adolescents, through which, in addition to knowing their rights, they can identify and report situations of harassment, abuse or violence.

°Implementation of a citizen service module with which the scheduling of appointments by family advocates against possible acts of intrafamily violence is made.

°Creation of Virtual School, a training module for ICBF staff, where in addition to publishing the content under study, allows the Human Resources department to know the learning curve of each one.



Currently, with 3 years of experience working hand in hand with the ICBF IT team, we manage a portfolio of 120 new projects under the Scrum, RUP and PMI methodologies, ensuring that each project complies with quality, scalability and time standards delivery.