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9 years contributing to a human migration system, scalable and safe.



Working hand in hand with Migration Colombia means understanding how the work of each person in the Ingenian team generates a social impact that not only cares for the sovereignty of a country, but also fights against scourges such as kidnapping of minors, drug trafficking, trafficking in women and men. information traffic.


Development, support and maintenance of customized applications and audit for the architecture of the software in use.


Development of information systems for migratory control and connected to public entities for emergency attention.


Creation of the systems SIRE, PLATINUM, PCM, Migratory Halls and applications for identity authentication.


In 2009, we started a relationship through a public call with the extinct DAS Administrative Department of Security, to provide support, maintenance and development of new applications; the fulfillment of the requirements, the experience to ensure the quality and efficiency of the product, and most importantly, the vision to develop scalable solutions, allowed Ingenian to become more than a supplier, an ally.



Based on the increase in visitors to the country, the parameters of migration stipulated in various international treaties and the need to comply with global standards, it became imperative that Migración Colombia had systems designed to maintain its operation in a constant, safe and secure manner. reliable with respect to the information obtained; scalable solutions that adapt quickly to changes; for what has worked in:

°Applications such as PCM Mobile Control Points, Alert and Emergency Information System SIRE and PLATINUM have the support, maintenance and optimization of the Ingenian team, which is based on methodologies such as Scrum and PMI to comply with the quality, scalability and quality standards. delivery times.

°Software architecture audit, to build improvement proposals with demos and pilot tests that guarantee their functionality, for later production.

°Creation of the Migratory Corridor System, as a control measure for the migration of Venezuelans to Colombia. From this Ingenian development, Migración Colombia can count on an updated database on the immigrants that enter the country, the legality of their stay and the time allowed for it. Currently there are about 1,200 people who enter the country daily, the goal is to have the ability to record information of 1,200,000 daily.

°In case of any eventuality that affects the operation of the system, the developed software will continue with its operation, once the crisis is over, it is synchronized automatically, preventing loss of information and updating the system.

°Optimization of the communication system of all Migration Colombia applications.

°Development of applications for identity validation based on fingerprints and verification of legality of documents.



In 2011, immigrant control was delegated to the newly created Colombian Migration, since that year, we have worked hand in hand with the entity under the figure of in-house, with a team of professionals including profiles such as developers, engineers, QA, requirements analyst, technical leader, configuration manager and project manager, who contribute with their expertise and commitment to the optimization of Migration Colombia operations, always working hand in hand with the officials of said institution.


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